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Infusionsoft Cookbook by Paul Sokol

The Holy Grail of Automation Strategy...

Now you can purchase over 400 pages of pure automation strategy written by Infusionsoft's own mad scientist, Paul Sokol.

An Infusionsoft user since 2008, Paul's expertise is universally recognized and this cookbook is packed with recipes to help you get organized, grow sales and save time even faster than you imagined!

Perfect for Beginners & Experts Alike!

If you're new to Infusionsoft (like me) this is a no brainer. Step by step guides to setting up campaigns etc.

With this I feel like I will be able to open up infusionsoft and use it to its full potential, rather than just using it as an auto-responder."

D.M. Copeland-Smith

As someone who has used Infusionsoft for a long time I even found a few nuggets to use that make this book gold."

Robert Vance

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